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Red Fox GIS & Remote Sensing was created to fill a much needed niche in the geospatial world. We realized that there are many GIS shops out there and a handful of Remote Sensing shops, however, very few consulting businesses specialize in utilizing GIS and Remote Sensing technology to answer ecological and natural resources related questions. We are first and foremost ecologists working to promote the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. Like the red fox, we aim to provide clever, elegant and creative solutions to all manner of spatial problems.

We have extensive experience in utilizing multispectral and LiDAR remote sensing to help answer ecological and natural resources related questions. Much of our past experience has involved working with large federal agencies to characterize the structure and composition of vegetation--often to support wildlife conservation efforts. Previous work experience involved mapping western juniper canopy cover at 1m spatial resolution across >100 million acres of the western USA. To accomplish this massive undertaking, we utilized 4-band NAIP imagery and a feature extraction algorithm implemented in Matlab. These results will aid in improving sage grouse habitat.

Red Fox GIS and Remote Sensing is based in Minnesota which has provided us significant experience working with the massive Minnesota LiDAR dataset. We often utililize FUSION LiDAR processing tools to produce useful, derived LiDAR products such as grid metrics and canopy height models. We recently completed a erosion study utilizing a 1m digital elevation model derived from the MN LiDAR dataset. The result of this study will help reduce sediment loading in a critical Lake Superior river. We also have experience utilizing LiDAR data to characterize critical forest fuels characteristics. Specifically, we paired RapidEye imagery with LiDAR grid metrics to predict a variety of fuels metrics critical for predicting fire behavior.

We look forward to finding clever, elegant and creative solutions to your spatial inquiries.

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