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We draw from our technical expertise in GIS, remote sensing and software development to map, model and provide management insights. 


Clients both large and small, from business to government, enjoy partnering with Red Fox.

GIS and Remote Sensing Consulting

We use GIS for everything from manipulating and storing tabular data to performing habitat suitability analyses--the options are limited only by one's imagination. 


  • ArcGIS and QGIS solutions

  • Analysis

  • Spatial Statistics

  • Habitat suitability modelling

  • Natural disaster mapping

  • Custom cartography

  • Raster and vector workflows

  • Projections

  • Image processing




GIS and Remote Sensing Consulting
Remote Sensing

We specialize in land cover classification using satellite & aerial multispectral data and LiDAR data.  We offer cutting-edge technology and methods for extracting useful information from a variety of remotely sensed data, including: 


  • Landsat, Sentinel, RapidEye, WorldView, NAIP...

  • Image classification and feature extraction

  • Machine learning models for land cover classification

  • LiDAR processing

  • Orthorectification

  • Digital image processing

  • Change detection

  • Fuels mapping


GIS and Remote Sensing Consulting
Geospatial Programming

We have a particular knack for making seemingly insurmountable, complex problems, simple and manageable.  We develop software for a variety of tasks including geospatial processing, complex spatial problems, digital image processing, and much more. 


  • ArcGIS and ArcPy applications

  • Open source geospatial programming

  • Google Earth Engine

  • AWS EC2 cloud computing

  • Geospatial data science

  • Machine learning

  • Lidar processing

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